Knee injuries

Has anyone hear of Patellor Femoral Syndrome?

It's where your inside quad is weaker than your outside and many enduro riders have and don't even know it. It's a result of standing up and or placing your weight on the outside of your footpegs, this results in your outside quad getting stronger while weakening your inside. This leads to the outside quad pulling your knee cap out of it's groove alignment and inflaming the cartlidge. There are many special excercise to increase strength but you must isolate the quad.

Does anyone know of a good knee brace designed to secure the knee cap and still offer good protection against injuries?

Don't know how a knee brace can prevent such a thing as the syndrome you describe is muscle related. A knee brace will to some degree protect / restrict lateral movement in an effort to make up for damaged or loose ACL ligaments and so on. I have had an ACL operation on left knee and have a complete tear on right knee. I wear knee braces to prevent another dislocation. As for you kneeecap irritation I suggest off bike exercises. Hope this helps.


how odd ive just organized a seminar on patellor femoral malalignment

what u say is partly true however it is normally caused by the condula groove on the front of the femor having a raised edge that is too shallow

often this is on the lateral side [outsite edge]

this results in the patellor sublexing [popping out to the side]

there is a PT in san diego who has specialised in this condition for a number of years and indeed has suffered from it her self for the past 29 years. she has developed a number of systems to help with this condition.

these are conservative treatments using special braces and excercises. and the results are pretty impressive and avoids surgical intervention in the form of a lateral release.

Ill look up details of the braces etc and also study data

if ur interested PM me

thats a diferent condition i believe the original condition mentioned is best identified by the knee cap moving to the outside as the knee is bent.

what you guys are experiencing is probably more to do with some injury or wear on the rear surface of the kneecap

interestingly enough 1 in 4 people suffer from some knee pain,,, and it is very commonly misdiagnosed

Decided to stop in this neck of the woods and am glad I did.I have a condition called Chondromalcia.It is an advanced form of PFS.The cartilidge under both my kneecaps has deteroirated and has "roughened" up to some degree.This cartlidge is important for a smooth glide of the kneecap as it rides over the femur bone when the knee is bent.Needless to say smooth is the last thing I can use to describe my knees when I bend them.It sounds like popcorn and can be felt as well.I have been in physical therapy for 7 weeks now and strenghting the quads is the main focus to attack this.I feel better than I did but the knees still ache.There is no medical procedure that has been proven to cure this problem.I belong to a yahoo group with over 300 people belonging to it and alot have had many different types of surgerys (lateral releases,patella scrapings) and most say it does not help or made it worse.Got to and type in chondromalacia there is a ton of reading you can do on this.If you catch it early enough training the certain muscles can help keep PFS some going on to worse things.You never realize how important those knees are until they start to give you trouble.

so often i hear people say that Chondromalcia feels like you have gravel inside your knee.

ofcourse another possibility is some of you guys may be starting to suffer from unicompartmental Osteoarthritis, basically this can be as a result of a knee just starting to wear out.

again there are some adjustable rigid braces that can help with this.


Thank you for replying to my email. My Doc taped my knee up yesterday and had me do some intensive quad exercises. Today the knee cap does not hurt, but the muscle we isolated is sore and very tender.

My knee started to hurt after a 90 kmph loop out on my WR 400, I struck both knees coming down and cracked my shin and knee pads. I got back up and rode 100 km home and then to the hospital. I have had many xrays and they say

everything was fine. But after a good workout or riding for any amount of time my left knee would hurt and be swollen for days.

My tharapist want me to get more information on the braces you sent me, it looks good from my side of the house.

I appreciate your help.

Smitties WR Adventures


9 knee operations(acl repairs/various scopes) and still going strong. Ski 80 days a year. All I can say is ride a bike (mtb or road). It keeps everything strong. My last knee operation was over 6 years ago. Ride that bike

What are the signs/symptoms of this condition. I have been having problems with my right knee for the past 6 months. After 1 hour of riding my knee develops an ache under the kneecap. Usually the next day the pain is gone and it does not seem to be getting any worse. Thanks for any insight. JT

what do you know i have that.

I developed it after playing in a few basketball tourney's and limping around not letting my knees heal on their own. That was last june. I am just getting over it. All i can say is take it ease and take ibuprophin 800 grams three times a day for about a month straight. Take with food. That is the best i can say. I have also began lifting with light weights again. It is a real bitch when your knees hurt all the time. And are constantly swollen. I sucks but you can get over it. you just have to lay low. Trust me

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