tale's from the trail, anyone?

Here is mine. A few years back while returning from a dual sport ride at Kennedy Meadows, the Jeep Cherokee tow vehicle's gearbox locks up. My girlfriend (at the time) and I have the Jeep towed into Ridgecrest CA. After spending the night at a motel, the shop in the AM reports it will take a few days to fix. We both decide to ride the bike home to Redondo Beach (about 120 miles). I tell my girlfriend to pack only the things she has to have out of the Jeep. She packs these things in a medium size shoulder bag. We then depart Ridgecrest, about 25 miles later just west of Jawbone Canyon there is a huge explosion right at the back of the bike. I pulled over, on the ground was the shoulder bag, on fire! Trying to find out what the hell happened, it seems she packed a can of hairspray and the bag was laying right on the exhaust! She was upset that her bikini was on fire among other things. Long story short. I later married her. Who would let a girl go who brings a bikini, lingerie, hairspray ect to a fall camping/riding trip in the mountains!!! :)

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