Moose Magnetic Oil Plugs Question

I purchased a Moose Mag oil plug and am finding it doesnt want to go in. I thread it in a little bit and find its binding, like the threads dont match. A long long time ago I thought I read something about the Moose plugs being having the wrong threads and not to use them. Any one else experience this?

Yo Oatmeal !

How have you been doing? IMO - You shoulda bought a Zip Ty drain plug. Much better magnet and perfect fit. When are we goin riding again? We gonna have to meet 1/2 way or somethin. If not we'll have to wait to TT Ride #2 in May.

Take care T.0.P.


I cannot verify thread differences, sorry......

But I agree with Fryboy, return the moose and get the Zip Ty plug, thing has a crazy strong magnet on it......


Dodger :):D

Mine went right in.

They sell the same part for 250 smoker and 426, the latter needs to use the stock washer, not the one supplied by Moose.

Hope this helps.

I talked with Ty Davis about 8 months ago regarding the different plugs. Turns out Ty uses a special magnet ( I'd know the name if I heard it). Bottom line Zip Ty Racings plugs are by far the best magnet and quality/fit has never been a problem. Also unless you want to be cryin' the blues about a stripped case from a bad drain plug I wouldn't mess with this one.


When I bought my 99 I also bought a Moose plug and was expierencing the same problem. Thought it was a faulty plug so I took it back and exchanged it. Same problem with the next Moose plug.

Fast forward 3 years. Finally bought a Zip Ty plug and it threads right in and the magnet is da' bomb!

(I'm not sure why Moose is making plugs with the wrong size threads - but they are)

Who has the Zip Ty Plug? Any recommended companies? :)

There is a moose plug on the shelf of my local dealer I've

been eyeballing. Guess it's gonna stay there.

Thanks for the heads up.

Who has the Zip Ty Plug? Any recommended companies?


I just ordered mine straight for the man himself. Ty Davis.

TerryCable Web Site

Go to racing products - page 4

When i ordered mine I also got a couple of my buds in on it and ordered 3 at once. Saved on shipping.

Thanks MOmilkman, appreciate the information. :)

Was it a Permanent, Rare Earth Magnet (Neodymium-Iron-Cobalt)?

How is the strength holding up over time? The only thing I've seen happen is that as the strength of the magnet increases, so does it's ability to resist demagnetization at temperature.

These magnets are incredibly strong. I used to design magnetic separators using them and we had a guy lose a finger between 2 magnetic rolls.

It sounds familiar on the name, I'm not sure. But, the next time I have the plug out for an oil change I'll give it a test of sorts. I have never heard any compaints about a loss of strength though. Mark

for those of ya'll who dont mind getting dirty, i can supply neodymium iron boron magnets (NdFeB)so you can make your own magnetic oil plug. it is cylindrical, measuring 1/4" across by 1/4" high. all you have to do is drill out the end of your oil plug to a depth of 1/4" and epoxy it in. caution is advised though, you cannot dry fit it. once it is in, you cannot remove it, unless there is enough of it sticking out where you can grab it with pliers. yes i know, the epoxy is kinda redundant, but id rather overdo it!! :) just test the depth with the drill bit itself. you cant really go wrong, the case is only 3/8" (or thereabouts) and the bolt is about 3/4" long. all you have to worry about is getting the hole drilled kinda centrally. they cost $2 each, with an additional $1 for shipping, and if you dont like it, ill give you your money back (less shipping)if you return it to me. either mail a check to phil, 83e 200n farmington utah 84025, or e-mail it via paypal, at this e-mail

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