Headlight guards?

Does anybody know of a good rock guard for the stock WR headlight? I roosted my bro..now he's in the dark.

Pm me your e-mail address and I will send you a pic of the one I made . Cheap and easy. WR Dave.

OK PM'd away. BTW your in the wrong place if ya don't like winter eh :)

Here's the only picture I can find of mine:


I went to a 4 x 4 store and got a set of 2 headlight rock guards for about $20. They fit perfect. Then just drill some holes in the shroud for the zip-ties to go through and you're done. You can get a single rock guard from Baja Designs for about $15. A friend of mine just went that route after a golf-ball size rock smashed out his headlight.

Mine was cracked so I put like 8 layers of packing tape over it and just used it like a pull off on the trail, kinda cool! Then I found a thin sheet of Lexan about 1/8 of an inch think and mounted it up with some silicone. I still have the cracked headlight BTW :)

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