Gytr Jets

Ok i finally got my GYTR ais removal kit, what would you guys recomend. using the jets that come with that ( 175 main and 50 pilot), or buy a different jet kit that has a variety of main jets????

thanks matt

It depends on what needle you end up using, temp and elevation. I think the JD kit is what most people end up liking. For most conditions, those jets are going to be pretty fat, at least with the JD needle. I had the 50 pilot in mine for a while and ended up going to a 45.

There's a great jetting database sticky here that covers just about every scenario.

Good luck.

I had my bike with all the free mods and the gytr AIS removal kit and the 48 pilot. It ripped but had a small amount of bog which made it real hard for technical slow single track. WOT was great and had control all the way through. Above 8000' it ran very poorly and I only got about 20 miles to a full tank.

I had been waiting and saving for a pipe and JD jet kit and have now installed all. The fine tuning is still a must but the bike is running well and I didnt ever try the pipe with only the GYTR needle and main 165. I am now with:

PowerCore 4 and powerbomb, blue needle #3, 168 main, 48 pilot, #40 leak jet (my biggest difference), re-adjusted Accelerator pump with two o-rings. I am pulling the tire in 4rth gear without clutch if I am at the right RPM. Hope that helps a little. Jason

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