Don't believe the Hype !!!!!!

Attention all future WR owners.... Starting a WR426F is not as difficult as some would like you to believe ( personally think KTM shareholders fabricated rumor to convince you that electric start is necessary ) LOL Really though, 1 - 2 kicks all the time - HOT or COLD

Are you a true thumper if you don't know how to kick start your bike?

Two stroke riders cant start them, but they cant work out valves and chains either. Two kicks un less there is something wrong.

Hard to start.........HA! My 14yr old son (5'10', 120lbs) asked to ride my bike. I told him if he could start it. First kick and it fired :)


I don't think I could have slapped the smile from his face when he came back :D

I agree with you guy's stand on e-start. I still think it's a girl's thing. The only time you wish for e-start is when you've stalled the bike halfway up a hill and you can't lean it over to re-start it. I've owned a S#@t load of kick-start bikes ie XR's, WR4 (and also ridden a KTM520 with dead battery) and can confidently say that it's more reliable as well!! Any bike goes better without the extra weight too!!! :)

What abut this.

Blasting trough the woods, friend behind you. Stall the motor in turn, still in the motion hit

the button and roll. Guy behind me even didn't notice I stalled bike. Or got stuck in nasty uphill, mud, in awkward position, How much time will take you just get in to position to be able kick?

Before I got this bike I thought that is girlish too. Now I think is technical advance witch will make you faster. And still lighter than WR.

Hey! if Yamaha will come with electric start in reasonable light package, you will get one, and will love it. Or don't wait and get orange.

By the way. I have this bike for second season. No single problem. Hot, cold, snow, up side down...


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Okay, now here is a subject I have some experience with as I have both the 250 e-start and the WR426 kick start.

Here are a couple of opinions I have.

1.) TTR250F. The e-start is great. Kill it in a corner, tight woods etc. push the magic button and you've barely missed a beat. Great for my wife, and friends who want to ride but are less experienced. Definately a fun bike to ride but has half the power of my 426. Less power equals more engine kills in the tight stuff, as sometimes I don't get the clutch feathering done right.

2.) WR426F. The kick start is great. The 426 makes soooo much power it is extremely difficult to kill it in the tight stuff. Learning how to properly start your bike shows you took the time to understand the mechanical aspects of your machine. Once I was patient, and practiced a few times, and watched the video from Yamaha on the web, I finally got the hang of it and it starts easily on the first or second kick.

3.) If I have crashed and can't get it started hot, it's probably because I am both physically and mentally exhausted, and should take a break anyway. Trying to ride past my limits is definately a no-no and the 426 is a far better machine than I am a rider. If I can't get it to start and operate it properly, I shouldn't throw my leg over it!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

MB :)

so my question to you all ??

When the 2003 WR450 has electric start are you all gonna change your minds like the wr/yz owners gone CRF450 are gonna be like. say you hate electric start it is for girls them buy a new one and be so happy about it. The CRF450 guys will be back to. they are the ones who have to much money and can buy a new bike every year. Maybe this post will resurface in about 9 months or so. What do you say to that. hahaha :)

I don't think I would give mi KTM520MXC to wife.

We have kids, she has to take care of.

Button is peace of mind. I can brake later, harder, hit the turn's faster, get more on the edge, becouse I'm not afraid to stall bike and lose time.

And tell me something about art of kicking. I had Husky before.

Any coments?

About bike starting: The Last Chance Enduro in Colorado on Sunday was a dead engine start on all of the 12 special test sections. I started my WR400 11 out of the 12 times on the first kick in gear and that 1 time it took 2 kicks.

The KTM's and DRZ's with electric start took the hole shot every time. Big advantage, obviously for this type of race.

The comic relief was provided by the Hondas that day. There was a CRF450 and a XR650R about 2 rows in front of us. The XR650R took about 10 kicks to start everytime. By the time he got it going his buddies on his line already had a 30 second head start on him. Just think that guy had to kick his 650 about 120 times that day! Do you think he was tired?

The guy on the CRF450 took about 4 or 5 kicks to get it going. Everyone behind him were joking that they were going to buy a CRF450 but after seeing that display decided against it.

Granted they might not have them jetting too well but it was pretty funny. :)

Well, here's my $0.02: I've been racing off-road here in Southeast tight woods and open sand trail for 15 yrs now. I've been riding 4 strokes for only 2 1/2 yrs but I can offer some valid opinion here. I paid for and own both a '01 426 and '01 400exc, so no bias-ing here. The 426 makes KILLER power, though can be a lil tempermental at times to start when a combination of me being a lil worn down (like 60 miles into an Enduro) and the motor hot. If you so happen to stall it, and it does pitch a fit, your screwed in a race, especially in 'A' class where there is seconds between top 4 riders. Then you feel like you wasted $100. plus going to a race and didn't even get a fair chance to roost some A$$.

The Katoom: makes decent power, could use a lil more from bottom to mid. But no need to elaborate on starting. Hit the button and rip....I stalled mine at an Enduro few weeks ago -was running bout 40mph, two trees snuck up bout 31 inches apart, I stomped back brake while in 4 th gear shimied through and on other side--stalled it. I didn't even blink nor take my feet off pegs- i pulled clutch in hit button while down shifting and never missed a beat. It was so cool cause two of my buddies that are also 'A' riders where on same row and close behind on their WR's---If I had to stop and kick, they'd thrashed me and that wouldn't have been any fun would it?

I could give many other examples, but no need to, if you havnt tried a button bike, you need to..

In future, I will buy a WR only if button is installed or to make up for 400 exc lack of power, just go buy the new 450 or 520...

Yamaha needs to get it together----in my area, they are losing tons of sales simply because of the button on the 520's and 400's and even some DRZ's....


Great Post....

Aren't the 520's gonna be outlawed next year for competition in the 250 class?

Bonzai :)

In the past year I've had both kick and e-start. The kicker was my XR650R w/edelbrock carb. This bike is probably the easiest starting 4 stroke once it's jetted right. Even then, the only time it acted up was at the worst possible time(Murhpy's Law). The e-start is my '02 X440 Cannondale. When I'm hot, tired, stuck on a hillside, etc. I just push the button. I'll pay the weight penalty for e-start any time.

I agree, the button is sweet. I think there are at least two things Yamaha needs to address.

1) they need to make an auto-decompress and ditch the lever.

2) they need to resolve the hot start issue. If you can't start it by kicking it you'll probably wear down the battery trying to e-start it as well.


I had a '84 that bike was hard to start, and would refuse to run if dumped over. My 426 hasn't taken more than one kick since I've had it, hot or cold. Even with a lazy kick. I like the manual decompressor, in case it gets flooded.

Went out for a simple local ride after work just to get some fresh air.

I had a simple ,silly get off & broke my leg & a rib. I menaged to stand the ktm520 up & hit the button & slowly rode home.

If my bike was kick start only I would still be there.

It comes down to safty.

I don't know if this is a good thing.. but when I am flying through the hills here on my 426, and I get a little excited and slam that rear brake down and kill the engine, I just tap that little black lever and she keeps right on going.... so long as I catch it while I am still moving.. :)

It is not a magic button, but it works for me. ... And as for the being able to start it when injured to avoid being stranded... I always ride with a friend, much safer that way... Just my $.02



MTwr426FP, I've done the samething with my WR and you are right that works good. I still think an automatic compression release would be great. KTM provides a lever to flush the carb if it floods but so far I've never needed to use it. I guess I have been lucky though, because, I have never had my WR not re-light even when hot after a spill or stall. But, I'm also not an "A" level rider. Maybe I don't ride it fast enough to get it that hot. :)

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