I bought a Dr.D hot start button a few weeks ago. First ride was great with this thing, just needed a tad bit of adjusting to get it just right. Second ride, I dropped the bike and broke the little red lever. Sucked bad cuz now I had to bump start it everytime I stalled or stopped.

Any way, I called Dr.D customer service this morning and found out that they are the greatest group of folks around. I called to see if it was even possible to get a replacement lever. Not only could I, but they only asked for my address and are sending it to me. No fee, no shipping, no nothing. They're sending me a new one for the low, low price of FREE. No questions, no concerns, no arguing, no problems!

As far as I'm concerned, if I need anything these folks produce or sell, I'm buyin it from them. That kind of customer service is the best thing that could happen to us riders.

I too have found that Doug and Gina are some of the finest people around. They are supporters of Thumper Talk and they are helping support the Garrett M Berg Memorial Race with goodies for the auction. I got a hot start for my '02 YZ 426F and it is the best accessory I have ever purchased. :) They have answered every email I sent them and take time to work out any problems you might have.

Bill :D

Customer service like that wins loyalty. It must have been his time in Canada that instilled that quality in him :)

As a follow up...

Three days ago I called about the replacement lever for my hot start. Today it showed up. To my surprize not only was this thing sent to me free of charge, but they included a whole handfull of stickers too. Dr. D has a life long customer from here on out. I couldn't possibly ask for more great service and attention to such a little request.


:):D :D

This company is great. I bent and cracked my hot start lever also. Called up Dr.D to inquire about a replacement and three days later one shows up in my mailbox. No charge not even a shipping charge. I can’t remember the last time I received customer service like this. Now I will not only tout they’re products I will plug their customer service also. :)

I've heard nothing but great things about Doug and Gina's little company.. I have the Hot start on my bike and I consider it to be the best aftermarket part on my WR. Glad to hear you had a good expierence...


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