best of yz 400 wr 400

been riding a yz 400 for past two years, came across a wr 400, street legal with super moto wheels, want to make the best bike out of the two and sell the difference, already have a set of dirt wheels,mostly riding trails in the phoenix area and riding more and more single track, want to keep the wide ratio tranny, overflow tank, street legal/lights not to mention the wr has been mostly street ridden, given that I have both bikes to choose from, what is the best combo, I have heard that there is a difference in suspension, what are they, no mechanic but I could definately swap the forks and rear suspension, any suggestions on what to keep from each bike, thanks

if you want the WR, you can swap the YZ cams in for a performance upgrade.

if you want the WR, you can swap the YZ cams in for a performance upgrade.
Up until the '06 model WR's the only difference in the cams was the exhaust cam. The intake is the same in all of those years previous.

Additionally if you are not, or do not intend on using the auto decomp cam from a later model, you can simply retime the existing WR exhaust cam to YZ specs.

but is the suspension the same on a 99 yz and 99 wr?

No. The WR is generally softer sprung and valved.

if you had the choice of yz or wr suspension which would you choose, yes I am asking for an opinion, been real happy with th yz so far

YZ, of course.

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