Who has added a Megabomb to there 450?

Ok I am trying to find out who has added a Megabomb to there YZ450F and did you find a difference? I have a 2007 YZ450F and am considering adding one.

I did on my WR. More bottom end. bike rips through rpm range

what year?

My 06 YZ450 has a megabomb on it. It came with it but was not installed. When I got the bike it had the stock header and a 4.1 muffler on it. I rode it with the stock headpipe then switched. For me it's one of those deals where if I needed more power with the stock headpipe, all I had to do was twist the throttle more. But I could tell a difference. Worth the money if I had to buy it? No, not since I couldn't use all the power of the stock exhaust anyway. But it looks cool and it came with.

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