Waterproofing WRs

Help! every time I go through a deep river crossing my WR gets through OK but dies on the opposite bank. It wont re-start for 2-5 minutes. All the other bikes seem to get through OK. Last ride there was another WR426 - he had the same problem. What should I do to waterproof the electricals?

I have found on medium depth crossings, when water is splashing everywhere I can get some into my carb. I suspect that it is getting sucked up the float bowl overflow, I can't imagine that its getting into the airbox but hey thats a possibility too. Anyway I just drain the float bowl any thats all it takes. My electrics seem to be pretty good and if it is electrical I cant imagine it rectifying itself in 1 or 2 minutes. But as far as electrics go I in no way understand the magic of electicity.

The absolute best thing you can do is free!!!! There are 4 vent tubes coming off of the upper part of your carb. Take 2 of these, one from each side, and run them up into your air box. What is happening is when you go through the water all 4 vent tubes are under the water and can't equalize the pressure in the carb.

On top of that you are splashing cold water on the carb which is changing the air density in the carb and it can not equalize through your vent tubes.

Mackay and Endurodog are correct. Unless of course you are making a tidal wave in crossing and getting water flow into your air box..... SoCal

:D I'll third that..we have some pretty big crossing's here and I have no problems at all, I have "t"'d my hoses to the airbox, I also "T"'d my crankcase breather as well.......... :)

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