Question for truck guys

I have a question for you truck guys.

I'm ready to trade in my 1999 Dodge Ram 1500. The new Ram 2500 has the 5.7 litre hemi engine with a whooping 345 HP! That's 100 more HP than my 1500.

Does anyone know where I can get any info on this new truck and engine? The Dodge website has all the ad stuff. But I would like to find a discussion group or something with people that have bought this engine. I would also like to know some performance data on this engine, like 1/4 mile and 0-60 times.

Sound like a bad-ass engine to me!

Help is appreciated!


Search by the model of your truck.

I found TT this way looking for mods to my WR.

I had to search through 20 plus screens of Yamaha dealers websites before I came to screens of WR426 mentioned in web pages. By the time I got to the back of them thumpertalk was every entry with a few dirtrider's mixed in.

Good Luck with your truck search.

Horsepower sells trucks....but torque gets the job done. The torque figures listed at that link would indicate that thing will run like a Yz! Weak bottom-end with a strong mid, and a crazy top-end. Better order it with 4.10 gears. Are you gonna get the 20" wheels?

Hey Bry,

How can "THE FIRST AND FOREMOST THUMPERTALKER" have only 95 posts?

:) I am glad to see you are still around!! :D

Have you had ANY issues w/ Mopar's transmissions?

My Grand Caravan is PLAGUED w/ tranny issues. One auto mechanic informed me that even the 4 x 4 Mopar trucks have issues as well...(???)

I'm look'in and wondering the same damned thing. Haven't driven the finished product yet. :)

I was thinking about building a new V8 it's made of eight 426's all hooked together that'll tear the a$$ end out of your truck!! :):D


Get the diesel. It's more money up front (kind of like a KTM) but you'll recoup that money over time through lower operating costs. Not to mention the resale value is much greater. Plus it will outperform the gasser. I've got a 96' 4 x 4 Cummins turbo diesel and couldn't be happier with it. This link will take you to the best reference site anywhere for Cummins diesels . Kevin's right about Dodge trannies. While I haven't had any problems yet, they are known to be weak. Of course Kevin should expect tranny trouble with all the torque that mini-van is laying to the ground...... :)


Eat me!! :):D

Again, this would be a "Long time, no hear, Pal!!"

Even though I am a <font color="orange"> KTM moderator , my days are mainly spent on the Yamy forums.

You KTM dudes are mellow anyways!

How is your K-Toomer doing?

Thanks guys. But I'm starting to realize this truck is too new to get many subjective opinions.

Mike in Silicone valley:

I was considering the diesel. However, Dodge has a new diesel out that has a whopping 305 horse with 555 ft torque. And they have their normal diesel with 260 hp and 460 ft torque. Both engines are new, improved and very quiet. But the smaller Dodge engine is less HP and torque than my brothers Ford F-250. Since I CAN'T have that, I would opt for the monster diesel. But it only seems to be available on the upper end trucks and only comes with a manual transmission. I'm too old and lazy for that manual crap.

Plus, I test drove both the small diesel and the Hemi recently. The Diesel was awesome, powerful and quiet. But when I got done driving the Hemi, my wife said I had a grin going from ear to ear for an hour. Yes, torque sells trucks, BUT SO DOES A HIGH GRIN FACTOR!



P.S. Kevin in NH drove my truck back to Denver from Moab a few years back and it has never been the same! :D:):D (just kidding Kev)

Hook up to a double wide mobile home to each truck and then make you choice! They didn't list est. fuel milage in that link either. Usually the diesel wins every time

Go with the diesel...good advice !

Just last summer I bought a 2002 Dodge 4x4 2500 quadcab with the Cummins turbo diesel. I don't think I would have bought the diesel but my Ford blew up while on vacation with my 5th wheel and they had only one long bed truck in Bishop on the dealer lot. Bottom line is I have no regrets. My truck has 4.10's which will pull my house off the foundation with the 600 lbs of torque that the engine produces ($400 in mods), and I get 16 mpg while smoking rice burners from stop light to stop light. You'll learn to love the sound ! In fact the sound and feel of a diesel is much more like riding a bike where you feel the engine rather than just watching a silent tach.

I did check out an '03 Cummins equipped Dodge, and the salesman and I had a conversation over the running engine compartment. That's something you could not do within 10 feet of my truck running.

The downside ? that engine will set you back $4000 compared to a V10, but you'll also get double the mileage and pay less for fuel.

One more thing, if you plan to BOMB any of the Dodge truck engines, especially the deiesel, the weakest part of the truck will be the auto tranny. Wait until you are sure you can get the newer 48RE trans which is an upgrade to the 47RE that has been used for years. And I will reiterate what someone said earlier about it is the authority on that engine.

Just my 2c

check out this site for good Dodge truck info....


Things are good down here. Work is work. The Ka-Toom has been running great. Wife is great, the kids are little monsters. When are you coming out this way to ride? How's the familia? Still racing that Caravan.... :) . We need to do another TTalk ride.


The "new" Cummings is still the same basic motor. Tried and true. The new motor has got 'Common rail fuel injection' which helps emissions, noise, & power. Rumor has it that the HO (high output) Cummins will be coming with a new and improved 48RE automatic transmission next year. I'm with you about manual shifting. Give the diesel a long look.


The Hemi will be available for 2003.5 in the 1500 with a 5 speed auto. My 02 4x4 with a 4.7 will be traded. I really like it but it needs more grunt. :)


You could always get a GM with Duramax Diesel and Allison trans. Plenty of HP and no trans worries.

Also, be careful of high Hp figures. Sometimes, they achieve it with higher compression, which creates more heat. If you ever plan to work it hard, it could cook itself. The big three are in a Hp battle right now. Making engines that work fine in a street Camaro, but for trucks......?????


Unfortunately with the high torque output of the current engines, especially diesels, the stock auto trannys in any of the trucks will not last long, and that includes the Allison even thought it is the best of the bunch. And then if you add any HP/torque mods it makes matters even worse for any of them. This is not my opinion but instead based on many reports.

On the up side there are a few very good tranny shops that can outfit your new monster ride with some auto tranny upgrades that can take 900+ lbs of torque, and one of them is right near you Brian - ATS diesel. I will be calling them soon, as my Cummins is making about 600 lbs of torque at 1400 rpms, and I know that stock tranny will be gone within 10k more miles. :)


If you like the Dodge, I STRONGLY urge you to consider the Cummins diesel. I am a Chevy man through and through, but I bought a '96 x-cab, 8' box, 4x4 Cummins 5-speed-manual with a Dodge wrapped around it a couple of years ago. I will never again even consider anything else (the Cummins, that is)!

I prefer the '93 to '98 12-valve, intercooled Cummins over the newer "more computer controlled" 24 valve versions: simpler is better and the non-computer engines have greater power potential and a much better fuel pump IMHO. At 100,000 miles, mine is just barely broken-in!

I love my big, MEAN, '88 Chevy crew-cab (old body style) with its stompin' 454, but I just couldn't afford to "feed" it every day... Someday, the Cummins will reside under it's hood.

I live in Iowa and need cold weather dependability, so I was leery of a diesel. I am a pro driver and I KNOW what cold weather can do to diesels. My worries were totally disproven the past two VERY cold winters. I have also logged a couple million miles behind Cummins diesels, and nothing on this planet even approaches their reliability and low maintenance and longevity. Did I mention fuel economy? How does 20 to 23 mpg in my big 4x4 sound? With or without a load. This is all-round mileage; not just highway cruising!

How about the rest of the stuff that makes the Dodge such a tough truck (because crappy Dodge does NOT make these components!): Dana 60 front axle ( no wimpy independent front suspension till now!); Dana 80 rear; New Venture Gear (New Process) manual overdrive tranny and t-case. Dodge autos have always sucked and the NVG 6 speed manual is bomb-proof (mine is the 5 speed and also very tough)! The Allison is the only way to go in a HD truck if you insist upon a slush-box. I like to stir my own gears. I would prefer the old gear-drive, cast iron case NP205 t-case, though.

But wait! You wanted power? Check out the Gale Banks Engineering website: the Cummins in stock form in the Dodge is only @ 50 to 60% of its real potential!! NO streetable, reliable big-block can touch it's torque with the Banks kit, and TORQUE, not HP, is what makes or breaks a truck!

With a reasonable life expectancy of 500,000 to 1 million or more miles and no ignition system (the root of all evil mechanically), it is an investment that you truly get your money's worth from. :)

If Dodge ever gets their head outa their backside, they would offer the the 4 cylinder version Cummins (like UPS vans use) in the Durango and Dakota! My wife's S-10 Blazer would be history in a minute! It really chaps her that my great big truck kicks the snot out of her little one in fuel economy :D! She just requires a smaller SUV-Mom's taxi/grocery getter vehicle or she would already be driving a Cummins diesel...

Trucks are my life...but this is all just my opinion based upon irrefutable facts and experience.

OK, now I will hear from the Power-Joke Furd guys... :D

OK, Chaindrive - now you gotta back up your claims...

20 - 23 MPG loaded or unloaded? I call BS on this one. I drove a '96 2500 4wd CTD/5spd/4.10s/33" tires and never saw 23mpg w/o a load. 20 mpg w/load? Who's doing your math? My dad now drives the truck and the best he's done is 22 mpg unloaded. My '00 2500 4wd/CTD/6spd/4.10s/35" tires gets 18mpg on a good day unloaded. Towing my 36ft/13K 5th wheel drops it down to 10mpg on flat ground at 65mph.



How did you make out in that reorganization?


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