Question for truck guys

There are a lot of guys out there who are getting better than 20mpg in thier Cummins Dodges, but I'm not one of them :). In fact I was told that I would get 20 when I bought the truck, but I have yet to do better than 16 with mixed town/hwy driving. Still not bad for a 7000 lb truck !

The difference in most cases is that the guys who are getting the great mileage have 3.55 diffs and not the 4.10 that you and I are running Brian. Also, the newer trucks have solid front axles and no hydraulic disconnects which causes more drag on the 4x4's. Many other things to consider once you get familiar with the Cummins elctronics and changes in programming that have occured over the last few years as well.

Bottom line is, I'm just jealous that I'm not getting that mileage. Maybe if I stopped racing all those little Hondas with 4" exhausts my mileage would improve :D ....naaah!

When running with bigger tires, your speed and mileage is actually more than indicated on your speedo...if it's not recalibrated.

The 3.55's (and taller tires which add to the effect) are the key. Too many guys ordered or were talked into 4.10's with the Cummins. With the extreme low rpm diesel grunt, 4.10's are unnecessary and wasteful. I seldom ever use first gear even with the 3.55's when I'm not loaded now! 4.10's are good for gas motors although my 454 Chevy crew cab likes the 3.73's . The manual tranny also helps.

Hey, my big rig with the big Cummins N-14 averages close to 8 mpg grossing up to 80,000 lbs with all the aerodynamics of a big semi with a 53' trailer! Think about that... 20 to 23 in a 8,000 lb vehicle doesn't seem so farfetched, does it? Sure, I could drive dumb and do worse, but easy-does-it has served me extremely well for my entire career: no accidents (unless you count the 14 point buck that ran over me last night 20 miles north of Kansas City...what a mess! Since he's dead, I blamed it all on him :D)

BTW Bryan, Four Wheeler magazine wasn't very impressed with the new hemi in its pickup truck of the year testing... :)

>>> Jan '03 issue>>> "What we didn't like: The Ram 2500 HD that we tested was powered by the new 5.7L V-8 Hemi engine, which produces 345 hp at 5,400 rpm and 375 lb-ft of torque at 4,200 rpm. To say that we didn't like this engine would not be fair; but most judges noted the power output was good, but not great."

Again, when you look at the rpms for peak torque, it is clearly not a strong low-end motor like a truck needs. Power means nothing if it isn't where you can use it.

They go on to slam the truck's extremely stiff ride...but whats a few bumps to a dirt biker? :D

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