"Retail Therapy" Michigan Style!

It was a long, cold winter up here, and my bike is ready finally. It was so cold for so long I had to resort to 'Retail Therapy' in order to get through the winter. The last ones are of me this past weekend, and 'yes', it hurt :p

Heres a list of the things I did, for those of you that care. Regina chain, Pro Taper Countour bars, ASV levers, RG3 triple clamps, Starcross MS3 tires, Spider grips, Rooster radiator guards, Suspension revalve and new springs by MX Tech East, DRD full exhaust, Case saver (by me), Graphics, and Moose seat. Oh yea and a pair of Sidi Crossfires.

Everytime the doorbell rings my wife just looks at me and says 'That better not be the F:censored: ing UPS man.' :ride::p:prof:

I hope next winter is shorter and milder. If not can I stay with one of you.:applause:

I am sooo happy with the way it turned out, I wouldn't change a thing.:p

Thanks for all your suggestions.:eek:







The bike looks great and spring is here!

nice lookin bike!

where do you ride in michigan? maybe ill see you at a track one day im in SE Michigan

Thanks Guys,

450GN I'm in Macomb. The pictures are from Freelin this past Sunday. I'm not sure where we are going this weekend. My buddy wants to go to Big Air, but I'm not sure I wanna drop 150 bucks for fuel and spend 6.5 hours driving.

Where are you at?

Woah, I was at Freelin this Sunday, sweet track, too bad it's soo far into the middle of no where, I was afraid to bend over, they speak a whole other language that far off the beaten path, thats for sure!

Very nice bike



Everytime the doorbell rings my wife just looks at me and says 'That better not be the :eek: UPS man.' :p:applause::ride:

hey your wife must be related to my wife....hilarious:p

WOW thats a very clean bike... Looks great! Believe me, I'm sure we've all had our fair share of that last picture:crazy: :eek:

Yea, that last picture is great for explaining to someone what 'Casing' is. My wife looked at it and then said "Oh, so thats what you mean when you say you 'cased' it?". She has heard me and my friends say it a million times.

I guess a picture is worth a thousand words.

I'm in macomb too... and i too was at freelin last sunday was a nice empty track last weekend im sure ill see ya around then one of these days

Yeah gas prices tend to influence the decisions nowadays. I'll be at BigAir on Sunday if you do travel.

Good job!!!

man that bike is too clean to be a michigan bike

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