different things for the dr. d.

I just put on a doctor d whole system on my 02' wr 426 and it runs like it needs jetting. Dr. D. told me to put in a leaner needle and put the clip in the fourth position. I was also told by my local shop to put the clip in the fourth position and not to put a leaner needle in. They told me this before I told them what Dr. D had said. Does any one out there have any suggestions? :)

It depends on what your replacing. If your replacing your stock exhaust system, it depends on how you had that original stock system set up. If it was uncorked, you have the airbox lid off I assume, all the free mods done, and hopefully everything was rejetted for that correctly. Most of the time if this is true all you should really need to do is go up one or two sizes on your main jet 1st. You should be running a bit lean up top and probably pops a bit. If your running too rich with the new system you probably were set up correctly with your previous set up either. I don't know enough about your conditions, but that's my best guess. From what I've seen, most people put way too much worry and work into thier jetting looking for something more thats not gonna happen. Just take a close look at what you have and if it's bone stock, your probably way too lean. If it's jetted correctly for an unplugged WR then your probably just a little lean. Just my 2 pennies...

Your standard Hick WR jetting reply, Serial # 8954822341:

Put a YZ needle in it, stock clip, and go from there.

Hope this helps.

yes, I guess I should have mentioned that!!Whoops!Anyway, it has been uncorked,(airbow,wire,and throttle stop.)It has also had the cam timing done to yz specs.Other than that, it is bone stock. Thanks you guys. I just like reading what is working for other people.

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