WR 4XX owners. Want auto decomp?

Very cool

Thought I would reply to keep this post up front for more to see.

Question: Will the YZ450 cam make a WR have YZ timing by lining up the dots as in the manual? That would also be waaaayyy cool! Another mod to add to the winter to-do list! I'm hoping this is a go, waiting for more reports!

Wonder when the wr 450 cam will be in. For some of us not wanting yz cam or timing. Interesting reading. Never would I have guessed that a 450 cam would fit in a 400/426.

Unless I missed it somewhere, I don't think it has been proven to work in a 400 yet. Sure hope it will; it's not e-start but it's certainly a step in the right direction: Get on and kick! I did miss that feature from the old Hondas...

I guess now some clever TT fellow will discover how to put magic button on 400 and 426 :)

I've ordered my cam, there were two available in Australia, and I have one of them...

I will be hoping to get it in at some point in the next week or two... cam should be in on Monday... I think, like the 426's, that the cam lobes are the same profile, it is just where the wheel (and subsequently the alignment dots) are pressed on... you could WR time a YZ cam, just move it two teeth back... as opposed to moving a WR cam 1 tooth forward for YZ timing...

Let me get it in, and shimmed to spec, then I can try it both ways... I will report back, may not be for a couple of weeks, but I have some time up my sleeve in the next week or so...



This sounds PHENOMINAL!!

I am anxious to hear the results!!! :)

Will this mod work on my 98 WR? if not why do you think? I just spent $100 on a new kick start lever,$150 for a cam would not be a problem.

I wonder if the 250f cam with auto decompression will fit. The head on the 250f did not change as much as the 450f did.

I wondered that myself, but it does not fit as far as I know... they may seem to be very similar, but they are different dimensions in some important areas, base circle, lobe centres and overall length - this is not gospel, but I recall it from someone or somewhere reliable...

Sorry... :)


What is the part number of this YZ450 cam? Do you guys think that WR owners better wait for the WR cam to come out?

My cam is at the dealers, will pick it up tomorrow morning...

The part number is on the PDF fact sheet, which is listed in the other forum, or else I will list again here...

PDF File for 450 Cam info...

Download it and get the details... you should be able to right click the link above and choose "Save as..."



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