mexico ridding

so this guy i just met want to ride wendsday down on the beach in mexico. he said it was by rosirito(spelled wrong i know). any of you guys do this. he said its 20 min past the boarder. said there is some cool dunes and its all legal to ride anywhere. what do you guys think. and does anybody want to go. there is some cool jumps and dunes he said.



He's probably thinking of the Dunes at Puerto Nuevo, and the area isn't very big. You can travel all the dunes in a half an hour. The Lobster at Puerto Nuveo is good, but the prices are American prices. Have someone lead you to Mike's Sky ranch or all the way to San Felipe for a weekend, from Tecate or Ensenada.Enjoy what Baja has to offer,but personally the dunes at Puerto Nuveo aren't worth it.


parx, there is so much more than those little dunes down in Mex. I'm suprised that more TT'ers aren't singing the praises of our southern neighbor. My family has been camping in Mex. for many years. There are many sites dedicated to MX in Mex. Try searching for Baja 1000 or try Me...I'll be there next week. Oh and always have $ on hand when riding in Mexico, a little cash can sometimes save your butt.

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