White Brothers Exhaust - XCR or E Series?

I'm looking at getting a replacement muffler for my 2007 WR450F. I have narrowed it down to the XCR or E Series. Anyone comment on either?

Also, Will the YZ450F muffler bolt straight up to my header pipe, or do I specifically need to buy a WR450F muffler? The YZ part number is 05-90010 and the WR part number is 05-90020.

If you plan on using an '06 or '07 YZ muffler, you need to use the gasket thats at the part where the muffler slips on to the header from the WR muffler. Or, you can use a '06 or '07 YZ header.

Thats the big issue...the WR has a smaller diameter header than the '06 and the '07. BTW the '08 YZ header is too fat to work with the '06 or '07 YZ muffler or the '07 and '08 WR muffler.

I have an XCR on my 07 WR450 and quite like it. Good power all over and not too noisy.

So if I buy an '06 or '07 YZ muffler, I will need to buy a YZ gasket for the header ---> mid pipe join.

If I buy a WR exhaust, it will slip straight on and I won't need a gasket at all for the header ---> mid pipe join.

Correct? So the mounting points and lengths are the same for both, just the diameter of the YZ and WR mid pipe is different.

I did ALL the mods to my 08 when I got it..........but I came off a 99 YZ250 and my WR was tooo quiet for me......I went with the WCR and love the sound and the overall smoothness of the pipe...........the only thing I did was remove the outside sticker on it.......and the WCR comes with a spark arrestor.....a MUST for californians...............

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