Silencer Repair

I've seen several posts regarding the steps to repair a bent header, but what about a silencer?

I have a Thunder Alley pipe on my bike which is louder than what I need (funny you don't hear much about them anymore). I'd like to go back to the stock silencer, but mine has a nice big dent from hitting the rear caliper, and the pipe that attaches to the header is also dented.

I can't think of any practical way to pressurize it so I can heat it up with an acetylene torch.

The "big dent" in the stock silencer was put there by Yamaha to keep it from hitting the caliper. :eek:

I've heard about that with the stock silencers, but it doesn't look very clean like something that was stamped at the factory.

Even if that dent in the silencer is supposed to be there, I still have a dent in the pipe that connects to the header that I'd like to fix.

Post pics of these dents b/c as stated, there is supposed to be a dent inthe bottom of the silencer can and there is supposed to be a dent in the side of the midpipe to clear the shock.

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