dumb skid plate question

Hey Guys,

from all the reading i have done on this site. it seems the skid plate is on the bike stock is unacceptable?:eek:

i have the stock one my bike came with, is it worth upgrading ?

will you frame be saved or engine case ??

just thought i would ask, i am thinking that will be the next thing i buy for the bike.



The standard skid plate is strong but some skid plates are heat treated for more strength, there is difference is style and shape some skid plates cover more and some cover less, but im sure u can get steel ones for even stronger and more effective strength but i dont see the need for them

I think buying a good skid plate with lots of coverage is a good idea and definitely the additional coverage will provide more protection for your frame and casings. Myself I have a polymer Hyde Racing skid plate and absolutely love it. It is super light, strong, and doesn't amplify engine noise like aluminum. The first ride after I installed it, it saved my bike as I hit a rockledge straight on in 4th gear pinned. I seriously doubt the stock skid plate would have survived and definitely my frame rails would have been dented.

Being in Canada you might wanna check out http://www.scorpionracing.ca/ .

I'm running one with no complaints.

Thanks for the response guys !

i am going to get one of these i think



I really think the Scorpion racing has the best coverage with good airflow. It keeps the mud out too !




wow, yup thats a real nice plate.

i will be in the market for on in the next few, weeks.

my bank account still suffering from the money i had to drop to buy this one!



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