Bike run's better after swamping.....?!?

2000 yz426. Just wondering what would cause my bike to actually run better after being completely submerged. After tipping the bike up vertically, draining out the water as best as possible through the pipe, and then towing for a while until I can get it running again, it feels much snappier, much more crisp throttle response. This only lasts for a couple short minutes and then it goes back to it's normal slower self.

I have noticed the same thing before when riding through some extremely swampy deep mud. That time the bike was not submerged but died when going through deep water/mud. The carb was submerged in water at times, but no significant amounts of water was getting into the air box. Took over an hour of kicking, finally got it running and same thing, great power for a few minutes, and then back to normal. I have since properly set up t vents on the carb lines, and no longer have a problem of the bike dieing in deep water.

That being said, I feel that how the bike normally runs, is not what it should be, I am lacking the power that this bike should have. I had the valves, seats and guides done, as well as new rings put in, with out much difference, still not near what it should be. This has got to be something in the carb.... where should I start?

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