WR400F Fuel tank

Anybody has any idea on how to fix a leaking fuel tank??? :):D :D There is a 2cm split near the petcock area of my tank... any idea guys/gal?

My brother set his leg afire with gasoline.

3rd degree burns and a long hospital stay.

I would seriously consider an aftermarket tank and seat combo for yr WR.

Everyone says the stocker is NG anyway.


Do NOT take a chance on a repair of that size....Trash the tank and get another.....Unless you want to be served as part of a Yamaha Flambay! 6K is too much for a weenie roast.

Bonzai :)

Trash it and find a used one on ebay

Nobody wants to sell it cheap... me no $$$$ you guys know.... I know it is better to trash that tank but... sigh... :):D :D :D

You can try fule proof RTV silicone, but it will probably not hold. I have my old Stock WR tank, what are you willing to pay for one in USD plus shipping? lets talk, Im not trying to make any money off it, its under one of the pine trees behind my house,,,, if I can only find it :) .

You must view this as an opportunity to get some decent ergos on that WR by using a YZ tank/seat. Comparing the two extra tanks that I have, I like the Clark much better for quality and finish.

I would find a good plastic welder. Make sure he gets all the vapors out of the tank first. You may still want to seal from the inside with a suitable RTV. A good weld will stop the crack from creeping.

Anyway guys... thanks for all the response I got... I managed to find an old tank... cost me $120 including shipping. But the tank is missing the 2 mountings in the front and the petcock... but It's okay... I can use back the old one...

Last but not least guys/gals... Thanks a million again... This forum sure helps when it come to bike problems.... :)

man i would of sold you mine for $60.00

Including shipping to Singapore?? Anyway, I can't wait that long bro... :)

red dog, is yours a wr or a yz tank?

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