FASST Spoke Torque Wrench

Just got this thing two days ago...Man, Spoke maintenance cannot get any easier than this...Took me 10 minutes to completely re-torque my enitre front wheel. This baby is gonna save me some broken spokes in the future for sure. I had atleast 8 that were not tightened to spec and 6 that were too tight.


Bonzai :)

Dang that's ole Roger Decoster working those spokes........

Boy that name takes me back a few decades :)

I saw a write-up on a product like this a few months ago and it was not favorable, how does it work?

Does it click when you get to the torque number? Do you think it is basically accurate? What is the cost? Does it pass the Yamakaze test?


I think it works just fine. Mine is set to 48 inch Lbs from the factory. I hate guessing when I'm doing maintenance and the old tone method is not very reliable if you select a spoke that is too tight already or too loose. Now I know my torque is as Taffy put's it "Spot On". It does click when it reaches the proper torque, The head also pivots so that there is NO Misunderstanding that you've reached the right Torque.

It was a little on the expensive side...I negotiated mine down to $144.00 with shipping.

I figure I'll get my money's worth out of it within a year by not having to replace as many broken spokes on both my bikes. Plus I've already had some friends com over to use it. It will make wheel lacing alot easier and more accurate.

Bonzai :)

Bill, you can charge all of your buddies 5/10 bucks to tighten & set correct torque to all of our bikes to make up the 144.00... :)

As for you Mr. Evil-Bo-Weivel....that'll be Twenty Bucks....

I keep picturing your latest Crash in my mind....Man I would have loved to have been there with a video camera....I probably could have won the 10K for the "Stupid Pet Tricks Show" Ooops I mean "Funniest Video's".....

Damn...I hate it when it does that!

Bonzai :)

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