air box holes

Has anyone bored holes in the side of the airbox on their WR?

Not remove the snorkel or just remove the cut out but on the actual side covers that your legs rub against

Any noticable difference?

The battery blocks off a good portion of the intake area compared to the YZ. I would think that this would hurt it some.

It is a 450 and it makes tons of power with a pipe and a YZ cam.

To this point,every single thing I have done to derestrict the bike makes it run that much better.

I know water can get it, I just asking if it lit the bike up any.Thanks

Easy test.

Remove the airbox door, select the correct main jet for the additional air and see if the bike is faster. Time it several times, do not go by 'seat of the pants' both before and after. Get real, hard numbers to determine if more air helps. It will be louder and the brain is often folled into thinking it is faster.

I cut four 1 inch holes in each side of my airbox and put in some of those little foam cup vents that I ordered from and it flows a good bit more air now. I do notice a difference when I really punch it, but my air filter does bear the brunt of the abuse on this one. It flows more dirty air now, and I need to clean it more often. There was a site that was wr airboxes with a cutout filled with like a mesh filter screen, that didn't require cutting or hacking on the stock one. I cant remember which site it was though. How do you like the yz cam mod? I have been going back and forth on that one. What kind of terrain do you ride?

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