Heres one of my cows riding....


His name is "Mad Cow Mike" :)

I love it I just set it as my back drop on me pc

that is halariuos bring in some moooo

Ahhhhh!!! thats a great picture of a red X :)


(sniff) I cannot see it either :).........

Dodger :D :D

Ok, fixed. Sorry.

:):D :D

I can't believe you let her ride your bike :D

Racism rears its ugly head. There is not a single Guernsey or Jersey cow in the whole photo! As if Holsteins had some kind of monopoly on extreme sports!

Somebody call Johnny Cochran.

UNFKNBLVBL! I wouldn't have believed it If I didn't see it with my own eyes! I was ready to call BULLSH$%#T!!!! Where can I get a poster?

Now that we collectively EatMoreChik'n, our nations cattle just have to much free time on their hands.

I must admit its very becoming of the cow to pick a Honda as his ride of choice.

Wish I could get that much air!!!

Who did her suspention?

The bike and cow shaddow isn't in the right spot, ha, so it must be a hoax :D:)

oh no, its not a hoax. It was at preciseley 4 pm and I remember telling Mad Cow Mike to quit playing and get back to the barn because it was milkin' time.

Unnhhh.. you're gonna milk a cow named Mike? :)


What are you doing - posting a picture of a 2 stroke on a 4 stroke forum? Shame.

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