YZ426 Filter in place of the breather tube?

I am wondering if i could mount a filter of some sort in place of the breather tube?

Sure, if you don't mind oil vapor sprayed all over the top of the engine.

I have a filter mounted at the end of the tube, below the frame. May be overkill, but I don't worry about sucking dust back up the thing.

reroute to air box then put a filter on it. Protects from water getting sucked up as well and nicely out of the way. Take your hose off first though and totally clean it because now it's running down hill and you don't want any contaminants from the hose finding their way into the engine. Once it's clean and sealed off with a good filter you have created a sealed system so to speak so any oil that blurps up into the hose will just go back into the motor where it came from. I moved mine as much for the water as anything, the rivers here are very high in June. For all you non-believes out there heres a quick experiment, attach a piece of clear hose to the end of your breater tube, start your bike on a stand, stick the hose in a glass of water. It mostly blows bubbles but water does migrate up the hose a bit at times. Then with your bike securely on the stand with rear tire off the ground put your bike in gear (be careful) then stall it (hit the rear brake) and watch it gulp the water. I was bored this winter so tried this out. Also this issue cost me some serious coin so just wanted to see that it was possible/probable. Only did it a couple of times so not exctly a scientific study but confident enough to say that it is probable that if the breather hose is submerged in something (sand or water) and the bike stalls while lying on it's side it is possible that one gulp could transport the sand or water into the engine.

Thank you for the tips guys.

yes it will suck up water if it stalls with the tube under water I did it a couple oil changes and all was well tho

I installed a filter and put my Husky breather in the top of the air box, keeps oil from spraying on rear tire. It was mounted in the bottom of the air box with no filter and oil would run out of the airbox and on to the swingarm on excessively hard runs. Seems that if the end of the tube is higher than the origin no oil comes out. Mine is a supermoto so oil on the rear wheel is not good, but should work ok on an mx bike also.


as far as the water goes I talked with a guy this weekend biking that said when he sucked up water in a river crossing it actually bent the rod. No where for the water to go I guess. This was on a 04 yzf I believe.

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