Need head pipe for round can DRD YZ426F

HELP :eek: I bought an older DRD pipe for my 426, the guy I bought it from thought it would fit my stock head pipe.....wrong. I should have doe some research first but it was a good deal. So now I need a head pipe that will fit it. Dubach said they dont have one available any more, it an older round can system and they no longer make them. They had a few laying around but they sold the head pipes off them an only have the tail sections (go figure) Any help would be great.

What is the reason that it won't fit?

I might try going to an exhaust shop and have a custom adaptor made. Shouldn't cost more than 50 bucks.

The stock head pipe is too short and has the wrong bend in it to mate with the DRD pipe. i could go and have an exhaust shop cut and build a pipe that would work I just dont want some hokey looking pipe on the bike.

Check ebay.

Been checking ebay every night :eek: i did talk to a guy that sells alot of head pipes on Ebay, he istrying to see if one he has may fit or come close to it.

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