ipone oil 10-40w synthetic

just wondering if anybody has ran this in their yzf. Read the old theads , but their from 2004. Just curious to see if anyone has tried it recently, the good,the bad. Besides I know everyone likes oil questions :eek:

ipone? Never heard of it.

ipone? Never heard of it.

I've heard of it. I think its popular with the exotic street bike crowds. I've heard snowmobile guys talk highly of the ipone 2 stroke oil, but thats about all I know about it....

The dealer that kind of sponsors me brought it in and wants me to try it. I think i'll just stick with yamalube for now. Let some of the other locals try it and see what they think. Still undecided wether to switch to synthetic or stay with dino oil.

Why would you not use a synthetic?

Why would you not use a synthetic?

+1 $1-2 more a quart is well worth the protection to me.

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