Gearbox oil change...

What is the best way to dump all the gearbox oil when it needs changing? I have an 07 with separate engine and gearbox oil. Followed the instructions in the manual but only managed to get 1/3 out, stood there with the bike lean't over for 10 mins (drip drip.)

There must be an easier way!!! Any advice would be good, cheers!

Did you take the filler cap off while draining? This will help it flow...

Remove the drain bolt, take out the filler cap, and let drain. When the flow starts slowing down, tilt the bike to help the rest get out. Make sure you have warmed up the bike for a few minutes first so it can flow out good. I like to dump my oil right after I get back from the ride that way it is nice and warm. It should only take a min or two to get all the oil out.

Did you check the level on your engine oil side? If its high then you might have a problem

Thats pretty much what I done, but 650ml did not come out. So when I put 650 back in and I checked the level half came back out again!!!

Any way, wrecked my shoulder last weekend so I won't be riding for a while. Plenty of time to sort it out! Cheers!!!

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