I must pay homage, You guys are the Berries!

I just wanted to drop a note and let both Burned and RHC know that after reading thier suggestions to several different members I was able to figure out that my '99 WR400 was running way to lean, my pilot circut was clogged and my accelerator pump wasn't working right.

This all started after dumping in a river and sucking water in thru the exhaust. I got the motor drained, changed the oil etc.. and everything seemed fine for a couple rides. I thought I dodged a bullet. Then one day it just started to run real hot, started to back fire and then finally shut down. I was able to let it cool down and limp it home. I had no clue what could be wrong. Being a former 2 stroke guy I had very limited knowledge of the workings of the new generation thumpers. I figured it must of had something to do with the carb so I started there. When I opened up the AP sure enough the diaphram was all mucked up. I replaced the diaphram, ran some carb cleaner thru all the carb passages and jets and figured that was it. While I had things apart I figured it was a good time to get all the valve clearances checked and squared away. Done. I'm all set, right? NOT EVEN CLOSE! After a boat load of kicks I got it started but it ran like crap and the header turned cherry red. This is where TT came in, I listened to Burned about soaking the carb to clean it to get that pesky pilot circut cleaned out, and how to recognize a lean or rich mixture... I listened to RHC about how to set the fuel mixture and how the AP is supposed to work ( I had the diaphram in upside down:banghead: ) I listened and now the bike runs perfect. Starts easy, no bog, no cherry pipe. You guys really know your stuff. Like I said your the Berries.Thanks a million:worthy:

I too have learned a lot of what it takes to make a WR450 run like a bear.My 450 is the fastest bike I have ever ridden.

And saved lots of money and lost riding time rebuilding my bike after getting stuck in the water.

And now I know that if you call someone a berry its a good thing

Where the hell did you come up with that ?

Is that an old school saying that I have never heard of?

Yea I don't remember where I picked that up, I've been saying it for years. I have heard it used by others though, always positive.

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