Do I need a different spring?

Hey I have a 2007 WR and I'm wondering if I should look into replacing the rear shock spring. I'm 6'5" and weigh about 240 (yeah I need to loose some weight) and I figure that stock shock setup is too weak for me. Maybe it not so I'm asking politely.

And what about the front fork setting? Should I adjust them? Thanks for your input guys.


At 240 you definitely need some heavier springs. Stock is a 5.3 on the rear and .46 on the front. It's set up for someone that's in the 175 range.

You're going to want to something like a 6.0 on the back and .50 on the front. Go to Race Tech's website and go at least as heavy as their calculator recommends.

Thanks that's what I was looking for. I didn't know about them, I'll have to give them a call.


You definitely need a spring. But you also need to understand a little about how to setup your suspension after those springs are installed.

You need to check and set your sag, then you need to adjust the clickers to smooth out the ride. Then you will notice a difference

Thanks guys for pointing me in the right direction. When I get the spring I'll report back.


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