TT Graphics rough draft

Here is the rough draft. Go ahead and bust my balls, really, I want you to. But please remember this is not easy -- don't think so...try making your own version, then you'll know.

I seriously want everyones opinion on this....

I couldn't get the image to load, try going here..don't forget to click the full size image link at the bottom of the photo D=340244


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That looks great Ben. I like the colors and the fade from front to back. Good job!!!!!


So far is looks good for a first attempt. I would loose the yellow. Add silver. The fade to black is nice. You are on the right track.

Looks way better than the stock ones that fell off my bike within the first month... :D I want to go all black anyway, but definitely like the TT design!

And Armourbl, I know how hard it is (I did custom Strike Eagle graphics for my son's bikes). You are doing far better! :)

SWEET........<center><font color=yellow>KEEP<font color=blue> THE<font color=yellow><h2>YELLOW</h2></center>


I love the yellow/blue combo! :)

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their too quiet.

Way Kewl just like it is


I think they look good how they are. I would leave the yellow. Great Job!


Did you get the pic I sent? I still would like to see the Old style Yamaha blocks in the design. It would be cool with silver black and yellow.


Too quiet not different enough and orange accents for me.

yellow is good

sweet! like the yellow.

the tank section is kind of bare i think

I like it!!! Keep the Yellow!!! I like the graphics to have a clean look so it wan't look so tacky. It's perfect!

You are definately on the right track, I do agree with Thumper4life, I think you need to add another wedge or something that fills up some more area on the tank section, other than that, they are awesome, also love the yellow!!!!

Bigger ?!?!?

Is there gonna be a seat cover available as well? I'd rather buy both at once. I love the yellow, ut it could use one more triangle underneath the other one and maybe a bit more yellow which could be encorporated into the seat cover. If there is a seat is it a gripper style? What company is making the actual stickers?

Way Cool! GREAT JOB! Don't change a thing on my account. On account I'm too tight to probably buy them. But here's my .02:

I've seen so many after market tank graphics that don't stay on after a while. And I know it's probably due to the lack of tank preparation the "do it yourselfers" go through. Just like the poor window tinting jobs you see from "do it yourselfers". But there's enough bad jobs out there to scare me away from redoing my tank graphics.

My ideal graphics would be such that you could redo the shrouds and have the graphics blend in with the original tank graphics. I'm hoping for Father's day I get new tank shrouds and the stock graphics. And I will NOT redo my tank.

If there is anyway the ThumperTalk portion of the shroud graphics could be cut separately, I would probably go for that. And just use it along with the stock shroud graphics. I bought the TT fender graphics.

There is a possibility that there is more out there like me who don't want to mess with replacing the tank graphics, but would redo the shroud graphics in a NY minute if they would blend in with the original tank graphics (and would cost less due to the ommission of tank graphics).

I'll say it again - What you've done is REAL NICE and very professional looking!

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NIce and clean looking but you might want to look into the legality of putting Yamaha's tuning for logo on there. That is a registered trademark of Yamaha.

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