TT Graphics rough draft

The dualsport guys are into the stealth mode and loud graphics draw law enforcement attention.

The graphics look great. I do vote for the extra tank protection. Look at the outline of the Factory Effex graphics. They do a good job of tank coverage.

As for the trademark issue the good folks at Yamaha should be informed. I live close to the Cypress headquarters and would be willing to personally take your draft to the marketing department for there blessing.

I am a crusty opinionated crank who prefers stock over about anything the "seagull splat" guys normally come up with for graphics. I like your design as drawn. I will order a set of those.

What I like is you don't have white on the tank. White or light colors there look crappy quick. Good job. It reminds me alot of the Mazda McGrath graphics by One a couple years ago. My favorite graphics.

To try and answer some of your questions. This is a first draft after doing many hand drawings. Doing the hand drawings I found it was very easy to make the graphics too busy very quickly. I tried for a simple approach.

I did make a strong effort to keep white off the tank as everyone seems to agree on that.

I also tried to add another triangle or something to the middle to fill the void on the tank, but it kept messing up the rest of the design. The void on the tank is on bare plastic. It is blue decal. Most of the tank is covered. What you see in my design is all surface area for sticker.

That Gray triangle will probably actually be silver in the end.

I tried very hard to incorporate the old style Yamaha design you gave me Bill, but it never really looked that great. I will keep trying and post other drafts.

As you probably know, I like this one. Not because it was the first complete draft I did, but because out of all the drawings I did, this one jumped out at me the most.

Sorry, no seat cover. Don't have a clue how to have one made with graphics stuff. Maybe down the road I can offer one if I find the time to research it.

I will continue to work on this draft and probably another. I know I can't make everyone happy, but I'm trying really hard, so keep the ideas coming.


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Good news,

I just got finished talking to Gina at Dubach Racing and she as approved the use of their logo on the graphics. This will be added to the tail section, and will hopefully include other TT sponsors logos as well..


I like it - I'd buy it as it is. Although I'd be just as happy with something a bit more 'retro'

I like it- Keep the yellow. Matches the sponge bob stickers!

Dscrf450 wrote: NIce and clean looking but you might want to look into the legality of putting Yamaha's tuning for logo on there. That is a registered trademark of Yamaha.

yznvegas: You are putting these graphics on plastics that are going to be mounted on a Yamaha. I personally don't see any reason Yamaha would have a problem with this as long as it is clear that the graphics are not a factory Yamaha product.

Just my thoughts and oh, by the way, when can we buy them?

how much?

Great Job Ben,

Love the Silver and Yellow....Matches my 2002 Thor gear and my A-Stars Boots.....

Count me in for sure...

Bonzai :)

I haven't worked out the pricing yet, but it will be comparible to other graphics kits.

Quality will be equal to One Industries graphics, with 3M materials and adhesive.


Red and yellow flames man, flames

Any possiblity the yellow could be red? Or have that as a color option?

Otherwise, looks very nice!

The yellow just took form because the ThumperTalk logo has yellow in it. Just kept the theme rolling. I will post up some other color variation tonight if I have time. I've already changed the yellow to orange just to see what it would look like and it looked good.

I'll post a yellow, orange, and a red.

I still need suggestions on how to fill the void in the center of the tank. If any of you have graphics experience, work something up using my original and send it to me.


A lot of us have aftermarket tanks. Can they also be designed to fit the aftermarket tanks without having to cut away 50% of the graphic?

What about changing the Yellow to a Gold or Maze collor. Blue looks great with Maze (Gold). As far as filling in the space in the front. We need to come up with our own TT caracter. Something like a TT Tazz or whatever.

I would buy them as is, but I do agree that the tank portion is a little bare. Will they be sized to fit a stock WR tank?


This is a very expensive process. I can't afford to make multiple patterns for various tanks, or offer the color schemes each individuals wants. I'm using patterns that will fit the YZF model Yamahas. These tank graphics will fit the WR tank, but just not as perfect as the YZF.


The graphics should fit most aftermarket tanks with only a little manipulation. Too many different tanks to offer a design for each one.

For example, the YZ graphics fit on my WR tank. Not perfect, but still look good.


How about putting the "TT" from the ThumperTalk logo on the tank? The yellow outline of TT will look nice there.

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