Applying Graphics

I just recieved my Hurricane body kit and was wondering if anyone had some tips on putting on graphics . I was told to a mild soap and water solution in a spray bottle to help move the graphics around on the plastics.

Brought mine to the Motorcycle and graphics paint shop just a mile from my house and paid $35, looks great, no bubbles or loose sections. I always have a few bubbles or wrinkles or some flaws when I do it, even using the windex method, but you may be more able than I, at my age the hand eye coordination, eye sight, all that stuff starts to Mike

I may get it done professionaly aswell...they cost too much to be experimenting

applying graphics is very time consuming if you want it done right.

but here are some tips as well as the ones that grey linked to..

Make sure the graphic is warm to start with (makes it easier to move around and strech)

Make sure the plastics are clean and free from dirt

I like to use glass cleaner instead of soap, but each their own.

Start at the top of bottom of the graphic( if the plastic has a curve, apply the middle of the graphic first and then work up and then down applying heat and some force if needed)

then take your time. line up the graphic the way you want it, then when its all said and done.. start at the middle using your thumb and start working the glass cleaner or soap up the top.. applying heat as well( but not to close or for to long-4-20 seconds should work)

take your time and when your all done sit back and enjoy your handy work.

What Bryan said in the tech tip - can't agree more. Had great results with mine, but used the 3 part application kit. The only small piece I messed up was on the side of the rear fender - root cause was not applying enough liquid to decal before application. Heat and effort fixed it. Best tip - take your time I prefer to apply them dry with a lot of heat. I have much better luck doing this and they stick better. A lot of people don't like doing it like this, but I have done many many bikes like this and it works great.

I just got done installing the back half of my graphics kit; swingarm, rear fender, side number plates, and airbox decals. I was initially afraid of doing this because of all the odd curves to MX bodywork, but it turned out to be much easier than I expected.

I used a spray bottle with soap and water which worked, but it didn't allow the decal to slide around much. It did allow me to reposition the sticker if necessary, much more easily than if it was dry.

All thats left are the shrouds, tank, front number plate, and fork guards, which should all be easy. The side number plates were the most difficult because of the odd curve, but with a little patience I was able to get them to lay flat without any bubbles. A hairdryer also helped here because it softened the decal. I was planning on using my heat gun, but the one I have is too hot for vinyl graphics. A regular hair dryer worked just fine.

Here it is I'm pretty happy with it .. being that it was the first one I've done,the seat wrinkles worked themselves out.




Awesome bike man. God I gotta get rid of my steel framed Yamer.

so when everybody (includung brian bosch) says that you squegee the windex out from under the graphics, is that while the stickers are actually against the surface they are being stuck too, or with them pulled away?

I'd hate to ruin an expensive decal kit by making a stupid mistake so i thought i'd ask.

While they are in place. If the graphics you are using seem reluctant to stick, touch them up with a hair dryer as you squeegee.

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