sdg seat and clarke tank

I bought a clarke tank and sdg seat last week and clarke advertised it as the yz seat and tank. Now that i look at it, it still looks similar to the wr seat. The tank is slimmer but the seat still slopes up pretty steep. Are the yz seats pretty steep at the tank also or did i just get the wrong seat tank set-up?

I recently installed a Clarke tank and SDG YZ seat. The YZ seat is longer by about six inches over the stock WR seat. The fit was not the best. It took some work the get the tank to fit right and the seat had some side to side slop at the seat tank junction. Overall it is a great mod. You should see a big difference between the stock WR seat tank set up and the YZ seat and tank set up. It really climbs up the tank and is much more narrow compared the the stock WR set up. My bike handles much better because of this mod. I would recommend it despite of its minor headaches.

My Clarke tank and YZ seat went on perfect. no slop in the seat. I already rode this combination and the handling change really made a difference. I ordered the tall foam hoping to make the seat somewhat as comfortable as my WR seat. Tryouts are on Sunday. anybody want to race to the cornor?

The early SDG seats had some fitting problems, but I understand its all fixed on newer seats. I have an early sloppy one and sometimes the front of the seat pops off of the tank doohickey, usually in deep woops when gripping side of the seat with my legs. No big deal, it always pops right back on. I will get it fixed soon enough.

I found the Clarke tank to fit perfectly.

We put the clark tank on my buddies WR250 and had to put some spacers between the mounting bracket that bolt to the tank so it wouldn't rub the oil cap. I was so tight that you couldn't even remove the oil cap. We also had to put a piece of rubber under the rear of the tank to lift it off the air box.

Without these mods, those rub points would have eventually cut into his tank.


The tank fits good and it was easy to install, I just don't think it (the seat) is flatter. I don't even think I moved up toward the front wheel at all. Maybe was thinking it would be more like motocross bike type seat.

The angle of the tank where the seat rests is taller than the YZ tank on the IMS / Clarke tanks.

The SDG seat will fit the YZ tank flat.

Its better than the stock WR setup, but still not as flat as the YZ.

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