Coming from a YZ250F to a WR450? Anyone?

I'm fishing the market for when I buy my next bike. I'm not sure that will be, but anyway.....

I own a 2006 YZ250F and ride singletrack exclusively - lots of fast wide open flowy stuff to tight and nasty to bigger hill climbs.

I want more power, I want semi-soft suspension, and a gear box that'll allow me to go fast or really slow. I'm getting tired of my little 250F being tapped out and I'm still going slow.

I never really considered the WR450 but I'm starting to lean towards something like that. I rode a YZ450F last week and I loved the power, but it might be a little too much of a mx bike for what I do.

I REALLY like the KTM300 2 stroke and that's probably my first choice, but the WR is creeping up there.


It sounds like the WR is right up your alley. If you go that route, there is plenty of info floating around here that if you want to make it a fire breathing could very easily.

One thing that bugs me is the weight of this beast. My 250 feels nice and light and its easy to throw around, but the WR is how heavy? 260? That part I don't like.

get in line

everyone wants a e start, big tank,big 450 power in a light bike

You get used to it.

I have a wr and I ride/race enduro and single track. I find that the weight is significant and definitely becomes a factor during a long technical ride. I have a wr450 and recently bought a yz250 (2 stroke) with a wide ratio gear box. It is 100 times easier to ride in the more technical trails and single track. I do have to keep the revs up and the gas mileage flat out sucks. But I am way less tired at the end of the day.

The KTM300 is an amazing and unique bike. Its hard to find flaws with that bike. Its light and has a strong motor. Its not abrupt and powerful down low like a 450, but it will pull up any hill easily. Its really really smooth like a sewing machine. Its also super easy to work on.

WR450's have power that just feels good. You twist the throttle and it just goes and goes and goes. You can be a gear high and it will still pull hard. I also think it rides smoother on the trail, probably because of weight. Put on a big tank and ride all day.

btw, the latest Dirt Rider magazine choose the KTM300 as the bike to have out of 9 tested off road bikes, including the wr450.

If you like 4 strokes, get the wr. If you like two strokes, get the ktm. Its a personal choice.

I ride a 2006 YZ 450 and probably do the same type of riding as you. I went from a 2003 WR 450 to the YZ and the YZ is sooo much better than that bike. I geared my YZ down a bit and run the suspension at full soft on the clickers. The only mod I have done is sub tanks on the forks which let's them soak up trail trash and not even feel it. I'm 200 lbs so that makes the suspension work well for me offroad. If I was lighter I would have to do some valving changes.

I got to ride my buddies 2008 WR the other day and loved that bike. Is it really 260 lbs? I didn't feel that extra weight at all! It was almost identical in feel to my YZ and the suspension worked great. I have come to prefer the close ratio tranny in the woods so the WR's 1st gear was useless to me. Get it out in the open though and it will walk away from the YZ on top. The power is right there down low too. You can lift the front end over obsticles with just a crack of the throttle.

The magazines have been creaming all over the KTM 300 for years. Myself, I don't get it. I have ridden them and have several friends that have them and am just not that impressed. I have been riding 4 strokes since the early 90's though so I just don't like the 2 strokes power and lack of engine breaking.


I made the switch this spring from an '03 YZ250F to an '05WR450F. I'm glad I made the switch and wouldn't go back. Pros and cons I've found from the switch:


  • Power - Lots more power and torque making hill climbs easier
  • Wide Ratio - Cruise in 4th where the YZ was screaming along in 5th. Cuts down on the amount of shifting you have to do.
  • Electrical System for hot grips, etc
  • Lights
  • Softer suspension
  • e-start - Nice to have for tricky situations but the bike is easy to start without it.
  • Kickstand, easy access to air filter, odometer (minor details but nice to have)


  • Weight - I've barely noticed this while riding, but do notice it when lifting/getting the bike unstuck

Thanks everyone, all this info you're posting is very helpful and appreciated!!

I'll give you some gas in little bit. Gotta go.........

...I'm back. Gas given out.

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