19 inch rear wheel???

Has anyone put a 19 inch rear wheel on their WR......I have $1000 worth of excel rims off my 99 YZ250......and would like to put them on my WR....I know some customizing would be needed for the front speedo, but the rear would be 1 inch larger.....any pros or cons appreciated.......THANKS

I've fitted a '01 YZ426f rear wheel (19'') on my WR with no problem. I kept the 18'' rear wheel to swap to dual sport tires (Michelin Sirac).

a 99 to an 08... let me know if you run into anything on the back because i've got a wheel and paddle combo for my 99 that i'd like to keep for my 07.

the only thing about the 19 vs. the 18 is that if you ride in real rockey conditions your more likely to pinch a tube or dent your rim. on hard pack or street it'll actually work better because you'll have less sidewall flex in the tire.

19 inch rears have the same out side diameter

Just the rim is bigger

And I have a rear off my 125 on my 450 right now with no issues

Thanks for the responses............I will give it a try........plus work on the fitting of the front tire/speedo gear.............

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