First Enduro any tips?

I have comitted myself to ride my first enduro. It will be at Hungry Valley on May 19. I will be riding with a friends son he is 12 and is gonna be on a TTR 125 I will be on my 01 stock 426. He is a solid rider. We will be in the D class and be riding 35 miles. Since this is a qualifier timekeeping equipment is not required. Anyone have any advice for us? I have a Panorama Trail Tech computer but from what I have been told the special tests are where one makes up time and timekeeping isn't really required. Any advice would be appreciated. Anyone else riding this event. It is presented by the Ventura County MC. club. Also I understand we have to sign up for the AMA 39$ and District 37 37$ as well as pay for the event 30$ and parking 5$. This is getting expensive real quick.

You already advised yourself: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

I find selling an occassional toy of my own that my wife has forgotten about and stashing the cash in the bike/parts/racing hidey-hole works the best. "Lawn mower parts" in the memo of the checkbook will get you by in a pinch... :)

When you leave the line, Hold er wiiiidde Open...

Have fun and don't worry about time keeping. First couple of Enduros you should relax and have a good trail ride. Learn the arrows and danger markers along with basic rules ( no roosting checkpoints).

Uhhhhhhhhh...Be on Time! :):D

Go to more D-37 events so the membership costs are averaged out across more events, making the per race cost seem cheaper. Follow that? Me neither. :D

Just have fun.Here is some great info

If it's been awhile since you last did this seriously....Get In the Gym Quickly ! Or atleast have a pit crew available so that when you fall off your bike at the end of the race from sheer exhaustion someone will be there to catch the bike....

Man I remember my first race back from the dead....I hurt like hell for a week afterwards..Definately not the same muscles used doing 12oz curls, thats for sure!

Just keep telling yourself how much fun your having....

Good Luck...

Bonzai :)

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