2008 450F, Bird in the Canister?

I've noticed a unique sound coming from the area where the mid pipe meets the stock canister on my 2008 450F. The sound can best be describe as a bird chirp, much like a parakeet on steroids. The "chirp" only happens when you roll the throttle on from no gas to gas. The sound is consistent, and I can replicate it now matter the motor temp. All fluids and air cleaner are fresh and the bike only has 8.2 hours on it. The performance of the bike doesn't seem to be affected, but it sure is annoying. It sounds like I'm riding Big Bird!

I was told by the local dealer, also my brother, that the "chirp" was the internal flap opening on the stock canister which occurs when the amount of air passing over the flap from low to high rpms increases. Has anyone heard this noise on their 08 with a stock canister and if so, how did you remedy it? Thanks

I don't believe there is a "flap" in the exhaust. I'm sure somebody will correct me if I'm wrong.

My '07 "chirps" a little, I've always attributed it to air intake noise.

I didn't think the canister had a flap either, but I can not confirm this since the canister from 07 to 08 is totally redesigned, and I can't find a cut away view of the 08 canister. The air intake makes since since it was considerably louder when I had the seat off when I put a fresh air filter in this afternoon. Thanks for the reply.

They all do it. Probaby air velocity moving past the slide at small throttle openings creating a whistle, once the slide opens far enough the velocity over powers the whistle effect.

Similar to when you whistle.

my 03 deos something similar to said noise, i think its cool cuz it sounds like a turbo :eek:

Make sure your dealer documents this noise in case something catastrophic happens and just ride the thing

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