2008 YZ450 steering wobble...help

Ok, I'm actually posting for a friend, but his new YZ450 apparently has a bad wobble at any medium to high speed. Its doesnt matter what he's driving on, sandy ruts, or hard pack. Has anyone else noticed this, what adjustments can be made? Thanks!

His suspension isn't right. Get the right springs for his weight, set the sag to the correct spec, put the clickers to stock settings, and then start changing clickers a couple clicks at a time. Once you get close to what feels perfect, change one click at a time until it is right. The right springs and sag are the most important.

Excellent, thanks. Yesterday was his first ride, so we just wanted to find out where to start to get her dialed in, thanks!

Yup, start with the sag and work from there.

When I got mind, the front forks weren't the same setting on the clickers. Take them all the way back in and count out. Also, make sure the front forks aren't binding.

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