WRF 450 Questions

hi all,

im living in the uk but purchased a 2008 WRF450 in november last year from cyprus. im currently spending lots of time ( thanks to mr Taliban putting a rocket through my legs a year ago!!!)upgrading the bike and getting it ready to get fully road legal.

I hear a lot about US models and euro models, can anyone tell me how to tell the differance?

Also i have bought a lighting kit from DRC but want to run it of the bike power source and not the battery pack that comes with it, anybody done this or know where to chop into the power (straight from the battery, after the regulater, from the magneto, help havent got a clue)????

Thank you all in advance, hopefully will be walking soon so will finally be able to get on and break it in!!!!:eek::p:applause:

I don't really know what is all the differances between the Us and the Uk wr's . I think your speedo holds a running total Milage and 2 -1000 kilo trips . the us one just has 2 - 1000 mile trip meters . and I think there are slight wiring differances .

As far as wiring up the lights on My 07 wr450 .I did baja designs stator mod / voltage regulator . then I wire my lights all straight to the battery thru a 40 amp relay switched by the two wires on the stock on button that I hooked to a blaster key to. I did it this way to make the lights brighter and have everything shut off with a key.

thanks for the reply,

the drc kit has all the wiring, switches etc for hi/low beam, indicators, stop and tail light and front and rear banjo bolts for the brakes.

all this wiring connects to a battery pack that has AA btys to power it

what i want to do is connect straight to the bike but dont want to mess anything up in the process?????????


very easy since i also have the drc kit

run a lead from the + battery to the front, connect it to the red wire

cut the aa box of so it leaves you some extra wire

ground the black to the tripple tree

and you are done

cheers for that will give it a go this weekend:applause: :eek::p

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