WR450 vs CRF450

The CRF450 is about 40 pounds lighter which is significant but the CRF450 isnt geared as good for enduros which is what my focus is but I also here the CRF is as good a enduro bike as the WR. I'm sure some of you WR owners can inform me as to why the WR is a better enduro mount even though its carrying an extra 40 pounds. Tim

Not sure why you think the WR 450 will be 40 pounds heavier, should clock in no more than 20 lbs.

You can get a wide ratio trans for the CRF and a few choice mods and it is pretty formidable.


Better offroad suspension

19 inch rim

oring chain

wide ratio

larger gas tank

electric start

Nobody has the weight specs yet on the WR450

The Wr's also have a more plush suspension.

"Not to mention a Button"

The CRF + YZF are becoming more Hard core MotoX Machines and less suitable for other purposes as the four stoke war hots up to be king of the track.

In difficult and very technical enduros you Pi$$ on the Guys riding MX bikes mainly because of awkward gear ratios and peaky powerbands (very little bottom end power)

If you ride Enduros buy an Enduro bike

Just my $4.50 worth

I have a wr400 and have added one tooth on the rear. my friend has crf with 3 teeth added on the rear and first gear is still very tall. WE rode down out onto a ridge and then down the side, where the trail eventually ended. the line back up was steep, slightly side hill one line, with roots crossing it, my friend spent 20 minutes trying to get up a 75 yard section, until he was spent. Each time he would wheel spin or stall it. I ended up riding it up it took me about 8 tries with considerable clutch slip to finally make it. Simply the bike sucks in the woods, its not made for the woods, it needs a fly wheel weight and/or a different tranny.

When the WR450 is out and tested we will find out the real weight, and it wont be 40lbs heavier.

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