I am going to by my first thumper, and would like some feedback from you experts. I am looking at the 2003 wr450 and want to know if its the right bike for me or if a wr250 fits better?? I am 6'1" 200+ lbs with gear, strong intermediate rider I ride hare scrambles and tight woods riding. I am comming off a pretty well modified kdx220 which just doesn't give me any yee haw anymore. Thanks for the help..


for tight woods riding, the guys rave about the 250. The 450 is still going to be 265# +.

For open terrain riding, it is a toss up. One is agile, the other not so agile.

I tend to think jumping off your KDX, you may just be happier all around w/ the 250.

My 2 cents/sense.

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