Clutch basket install - alignment of gears??

I am installing a Rekluse Pro clutch. It is a relatively simple process. I just installed them on my two little thumper KTM 250Fs with no problem. You do not have to pull the basket all the way out for the install, but out of dumb curiosity, I wanted to take a look at the internals and pulled it off to take a view the gears, etc. NOW I CAN'T SEEM TO GET THE OIL PUMP AND KICKSTARTER GEAR TO PROPERLY ALIGN TO ALLOW THE BASKET TO DROP ALL THE WAY BACK IN. I TRIED MOVING THE BOTH THE WHEEL AND KICKSTARTER SLOWLY TO SEE IF IT WOULD DROP. I ALSO MOVED THE OIL PUMP GEAR A FEW MICRONS AT A TIME TO SEE IF THAT WOULD HELP.


Thanks for any help you can provide.

Patience helps, but you are in charge here. You're lining up 3 gears; the primary set, and the kick starter and oil pump gears, both of which engage the rear of the center gear on the back of the basket. The primary set will likely line up first. From that point, you should be able to put a little inward pressure on the basket and turn the oil pump by hand until you feel it catch. Then, whole still pushing in on the basket, rotate the engine by turning the crank with a wrench and the basket should drop on.

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