US and Euro suspension clickers.

I have an 08 euro version. I was wondering why manual gives so different clicker settings for euro and US versions? Stock position of clickers are:

Forks euro: rebound 11, compression 7.

Shock euro: rebound 6, compression 10, HSC 2 turns

Forks US: rebound 12 , compression12

Shock US: rebound 12 , compression 11, HSC 1 1/2 turns

No ideas?

Great question. I have also wondered the same thing.....seems to me that the reason would be the terrain/tracks and dirt is different. But I am not so sure this is valid anymore. :eek:

We just like things stiffer here in the US.

We just like things stiffer here in the US.

Actually, the Euro specs are a stiffer set up than what we have here, although I too am at a loss as to why they would be so different.

It's probably because they know that the average American is overweight!

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