Tips On Holding Clutch Basket & Torquing Nut???

The 07 WR450 wants 75nm of torque on the primary clutch nut. Does anyone have a good method of preventing the the clutch from turning while tightening this nut?

Holding the brake isn't enough...

Thanks in advance!

put the bike in 5th gear then hold the brake. it will hold then

I simply use the correct tool, costs like 20 smackers and is great for holding the hub, CS sprockets and a bunch of other stuff. Looks like a vise grip with three in long fingers at 90 degrees.

+1 for putting it in 5th gear and have a friend sit on the bike holding the brakes down.

Works for me every time.

5th gear and brakes is the ticket! Duh!

Last weekend I was up on the bank of a small creek, inadvertently hit neutral and I fell off the bike and down about 8 feet! So I shortened neutral which is why I had the clutch out! It works great! Now I have to work to get to neutral...

Thank you!

So I shortened neutral

What does that mean and do?

What does that mean and do?

I imagine he modified the selector drum so as to make neutral less obvious, making it harder to accidentally hit it changing form second to first.


See here!



RickSanson, just a question. When you removed the selector star, did you have to remove the whole right side engine cover or just the clutch cover?

put the bike in 5th gear then hold the brake. it will hold then
The way I do it is to simply hold the clutch boss in my hand and run the nut down with the impact wrench, but if I didn't have such a tool, I would put the bike in 5th and lay a 1x2 across the swing arm, through the spokes, as near the rim as possible.

Holding the brake is impractical because it requires you to put the pedal back on just for that.

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