In need of Tires

Have been using Dunlap 739 Desert ATs for some time. I do a lot of DESERT riding, racing. Some one told me the Maxxis was a good tire? What do you riders use? and or recomend!

I rode the better part of the summer with maxxis IT's and it is the best wearing, well performing tire I have ever used. I have about 8 or 9 days of dry rocky riding days with this one so far with wear going just over the half way point now, still has pretty good traction.

ED 78 big bad desert tire. last a long time to.


Ed, I ride pretty much the same terrain as you. I have found the best combonation for me is Dunlop 756 front and Dunlop K695 rear.. Just about anything you try will work better than the 739, specialy on the front......SoCal

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