Quick ?? about the forums..

I don't know if I'm looking in the right place but why is there no general or ride forum?

Every other site I'm on has a general and ride forum. It seems that you would be ble to meet more people in your area if ya had these forums.

I don't know...


I think a ride forum is a great idea.

SNB (single newbie squid) looking for threesomes, foursomes and moresomes. You must like it dirty and be willing to accept all persuasions (blue, orange, red..). Thumpers only, no smokers please.

Great Idea, lets do it!

I think it's a great idea. :) There should be a place here where EVERYBODY can go and bs about this and that. It's nice that we have forums for each brand but that keeps us separated. Hell, (for example) the guy down the street might be on here but since he rides a Honda I might never know unless he visit's the Yamahaha area.

Ya know what I mean?

(In my best Forest Gump voice)....

Well thats all I have to say about that!


I would be in on a general riding forum. I am true to the blue, but I have no snotty prejudices toward the other colors. I agree with keeping it all thumpers. If something like this flies though, it probably will be a short matter of time before it becomes a place for goons to rag on other brands. Occasionally, a little smack talk jumps from one board to another, but dat's a'right.


I think a riding forum would be great. I don't care what color or engine type you ride. It would be great to know when other riders in my area were going without having to surf all the boards.

I was thinking the same thing...

maybe start off with just a "rides" forum and go from there...

Maybe it could be divided up West/Midwest/South/East (or whatever)...

That would be a really good idea I think, plus it would open the door to other TT members who may just be looking for a bud...

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