What the %$#@*& were the engineers thinking? WR400

Still waiting for the shop manual.....

It just goes to show you that it has been awhile since I have worked on a bike...1999 WR 400. Just to think that to change the spark plug you have to remove the tank...and there it is...just under the main frame tube...and 2-3 inches below the top of the head....Do you use a Yamaha socket to remove it? Got it out with an "elbow" joint socket...yet afraid of not getting the threads right when I replace it...AAAHHH the good old days...when the carb was simple, the plug right there, the air filter simple to get to...no radiators and comfortable to sit....When are they going to come out with a revised XR600?....UUUUPPPPssss this is a Yamaha forum:>

One more mystery...removed bolt on bottom of case to empty oil from engine...about a quart and 1/2 came out....yet with the bolt still out I just happened to take a reading from the dip stick and it indicated over full???

Could there be a vacuum created where the rest of the oil doesn't flow or is there a second exit to empty the oil???

There has to be a drain plug on the frame portion...but where...and how is it that the oil drains from perhaps 2 different compartments yet is just filled through the oil fill opening just behind the handle bars on the top of the neck of the frame???? thanks

Well, welcome to liquid cooled 4 strokes...I don't know many you can do anything to without removing the tank.

There's a drain for the oil in the frame on the front of the frame about halfway down...

you're in the right place, this is the panel of experts!

You'll like the WR the first time you have to climb some rutty, junky, sandy thrashed out hill. Stay on the bike and it will get you there.

Start upper body workouts now, though!

so go buy an old bike that does not confuse you. the bike your dogging happens to be an awesome bike. no engineering probs that I know of. :eek:

You can download a manual from the links in the Performance Index...SC

+1 on reading the owners manual.

oil change: drain the case, drain the frame, (once in a while) remove the screen filter that is screwed in the bottom of the frame right where you drain the frame. ( you rarely find any restriction there) , but check it. clean the oil filter too (yes it has one), careful not to over tighten the bolt with a indent hex head.

Oh yes... keep up (or fall behind) with technology; high performance bikes are getting lighter, more complex and more compact, but definitely better.

XRs are antique. :eek:

The reason for the plug being hard to get to is that it just ain't a priority, as the darn things never foul. Better to keep the fuel weight lower to help handling. As far as changing the plug, either use the factory wrench if the bike came with one, or, Motion Pro makes a really nice unit that works well and fits in a tool pack great. Your local accesories shop should have one or be able to order it for you.

As far a as changing the oil, there are three bolts to remove...bottom of the case, bottom of the frame down tube (on the front face), and the lowest bolt on the filter cover. A Billy-Who "Manfunnel" helps keep the mess down when you remove the frame bolt. When you install the bottom filter cover bolt, be sure to take a Q-Tip or something and clean out the threads int he case before you put the bolt back in (or blow 'em out with compressed air). If the threads are dirty, it makes it pretty easy to strip out those threads.

Good luck, and don't sweat the maintenance. It will be worth it when you ride!

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