Helmet Cams

Most posts like the cam from helmetcamera.com the best. I found a guy selling a setup on Ebay for $179. It uses AA batteries instead of a rechargeable. Is anyone using this setup or did anyone build their own setup? Any suggestions?


I use the Helmetcam, but happened to see the unit on Ebay....it looks very interesting.

I wouldn't worry about the batteries, you can go to any battery store & get a sealed lead-acid & charger.

With either unit you still hook-up to a camcorder to record, so the key is the quality of the CCD (the camera itself). I'll bet the Ebay unit will yield about the same results....

On the other hand, by the time you get the battery, charger, microphone, etc. you might wish you'd elected to get the Helmetcam version.


I think I would have to spend the extra $100 for the helmetcamera.com

They back their products very well, have excellent customer support (very rare these days) and it is still a good product. Who knows what "this guy" will do if something dosent work or fit right.

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