Rekluse Pro Setup

For all you Rekluse Pro users, what is the hot setup for tight trails/rocky single track riding? I would appreciate feedback on which spring/s and the number of balls you used (24 or 27)? I figure feedback from actual owners who ride in similar conditions would be a better place to start than the setup chart provided by Rekluse. Thanks.

I have all the balls in mine with the medium spring. I've just started to have to play with the idle speed after I swapped to the yz cam . It made My idle speed a little goofy when the bike is warming up.

Any advice on the setup would be appreciated. I'm getting ready to install mine on a 07 wr450. It will be riding on tight trail and open terrain. thanks

please no comments from the FOkker, he's everywhere

I have a pro on my 06 450.

All balls, no brains and hard spring combo for higher engagement speed. I ride 90% tight trails and found I still stalled a bit with the stock settings.

2nd is ideal in tight going - 1st is lethal if gentle throttle hand not used.

I love it

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